Tongue Ties & Lip Tie Removal

Evaluation and Treatment

Some infants develop with a tongue tie (ankyloglossia) and may have issues latching or sucking during breastfeeding. Older children with a lip or tongue tie sometimes have mobility issues of their tongue and lips and may experience issues with spacing during tooth development and eruption.

Dr. Kamp & Dr. Patel treat tongue ties and lip ties right here in Merrillville, IN. Whether your infant was born at St. Anthony's in Crown Point, Methodist in Merrillville, or any of the surrounding hospitals, we can see them here to evaluate and treat their tongue tie.

The Procedure

The procedure is simple, minimally invasive, and often takes only a few minutes. Most of our tongue and lip tie releases are performed with one of our soft tissue lasers, allowing for effective release with minimal bleeding.

Below is an infant who recently had an upper lip tie that was lasered and experienced immediate release and no bleeding at all.

At this time, we do not bill medical insurance and charge a flat rate of $763 for the consultation, exam, and surgical procedure.

Please contact the office at 219-755-0045. If you've reached this point after hours, please call and leave a voicemail, which will be automatically transcribed and forwarded to the doctors.

Referring doctors, lactation consultants & speech language pathologists - please contact the office and request a phone call from one of our doctors if you need more information or referral details.