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Generally, dentistry involves preventative dental care to maintain good oral health and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. While some people only visit their dentist for restorative care or cosmetic services, regular check-ups and cleanings are essential to healthy smiles.

At Merrillville Dental Center, our general dentist can provide routine care and check-up services and diagnose and treat common conditions like cavities, tooth sensitivity, and gum disease. Additionally, your general dentist may suggest other services to improve your dental health.

Importance of Checkup and Cleaning 

Your dentist will first conduct an oral exam to look for signs of decay and disease, as well as oral cancer and other concerns. Your dentist can diagnose problems and discuss potential treatments if issues are found. Routine cleanings and exams are the only way to detect these issues before they worsen and cause additional problems.

For example, most cavities cannot be seen with the naked eye until they are significant. During your checkup, the dentist may also take X-rays of your teeth to check for any other underlying issues, such as bone loss or impacted teeth. If you routinely visit your general dentist every six months, you can prevent many severe problems from occurring.

In addition to looking for existing issues, your dentist will also perform a professional cleaning and polishing to remove plaque buildup on your teeth. Cleaning by a dentist uses special tools to reach areas between the teeth and gums that are often ignored during at-home care.

Routine professional cleanings can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease because removing this buildup can prevent these things from happening. Plus, the cleaner your smile is, the better it will look and feel, which can cause you to feel happier and more confident in social situations.

When Should I See a General Dentist?

Your mouth and teeth are vital to your overall health, so you should see your dentist at least twice a year to receive routine check-ups and cleanings. However, you may need to see your general dentist more frequently if you have certain medical conditions, special conditions, or concerns.

For example, if you are pregnant or have a health condition like diabetes, you may want to see a dentist every three to four months for preventative care. This is because pregnancy can increase your risk of periodontal disease, which has been linked to health risks for you and the baby. 


Every smile is unique.

Adam KingAdam King
01:35 04 Mar 23
My wife had told me that this place was an amazing dental office. Went into today with a knocked out tooth. Found out she was right. The whole experience was very pleasant. Everyone involved was amazing! Was treated with respect, professionalism, and genuine empathy for my situation. This will be me and my families " forever" dentist!. Thank you Merriville dental center!!
Jim JohnsonJim Johnson
20:02 15 Feb 23
I had my 1 dental implant tooth installed on the implant stud today. I was not sure what to expect, since this was the first time to get an implant.Procedure went great! Implant tooth fit great and feels perfect. So far, I am very satisfied with how everything went and looking forward to getting second implant later this year.I would highly recommend Merrillville Dental Center for dental implants, as well as, any other dental procedure. All staff are great!Sincerely,Jim Johnson
Lauren NagelLauren Nagel
18:52 06 Jan 23
Go here. The best dental experience I’ve had in my adult life. Everyone is so nice and informative. No pressure to get procedures or buy things. I had my first cavity and was scared… the dentist and the hygienist made it so easy and a less scary experience for me
Yvette LozaYvette Loza
19:22 27 Oct 22
I am the type of person who has very high anxiety when it comes to the dentist. The staff at Merrillville Dental Center were so awesome. Very professional and caring, they also use top of the line equipment. Dr. Patel is great aMF explains procedures so thoroughly that it puts you at ease. My previous dentist office did none of that. I highly recommend Merrillville Dental Center for anyone but especially if you have high anxiety when it comes to dental care.
Carter VusakCarter Vusak
01:06 01 Sep 22
Phenomenal care team. Paige was fantastic and explained everything regarding my dental health in exceptional detail. She was extremely thorough and I left feeling confident I had received the best care possible. Anyone looking for a top notch dental office, Merrillville Dental Center is the place to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer – it depends. Complex answer – it depends on a lot of factors. The best way to explain this is to give 5 scenarios that illustrate exactly how much implants cost.

Below are actual real cases performed in our office and what the patient would pay today.

Simple Single Tooth Replacement – Let’s say you’re missing a back molar. You got it pulled last year, you have excellent bone and gum health, nothing has moved or shifted, and you don’t need anything else.

This patient came in for a cleaning & exam and was missing a tooth. The total fee of the implant placement, the abutment, and final tooth restoration, all inclusive, was $3,516.

This patient had a root canal performed years ago at another office that had failed and the molar cracked. We extracted the tooth, placed a dental implant, and bone graft material in the site and allowed it to heal for 3 months before a tooth was placed on it. 

The patient was charged for an extraction, a bone graft, implant placement, and the prosthetic tooth that goes on the implant. The total fee of the case was $4516, and a significant portion of this was eligible for coverage through the dental insurance the patient had.

This patient came to us with failing teeth that needed to be extracted and replaced. The patient paid a total of 25,500 for all teeth to be extracted, 6 dental implants placed, and a temporary bridge placed. A few months later the patient got his final ceramic implant teeth.

As you can clearly see, cost varies based on complexity. Book a free consultation today to find out.

Dr. Kamp & Dr. Schneiss spent quality time with patients understanding their problems and the big picture of their dental situation. Too many dentists take a single tooth view of dentistry, resulting in lots of patchwork and doing the same thing over and over without ever addressing the real problem or providing real solutions.

When you come to visit us, rest assured we’ll give you all your options for improving and maintaining your smile.

We have spent years putting together a phenomenal team to give you the best dental implant experience possible. Most of our patients visit the office, receive a comprehensive plan for treatment, get help with options to afford the care they want, and have the treatment performed comfortably in our office.

Do you take my dental insurance?

Dr. Kamp & Dr. Schneiss are passionate about treating their patients the best they can. At the MDC, we accept most PPO insurance plans.

We have many patients from around Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland, and southern Michigan that have insurance from local hospitals, steel mills, large and small companies, government plans, and many more.

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