Facing a dental emergency?

We can help. Whether you cracked a tooth, lost a filling, have a tooth that’s aching or throbbing, or just broke your denture or partial, most emergencies are seen the same or next day. We’re even open Fridays and some Saturdays. If you’re unable to reach us or this is after hours, call and leave a voicemail which is automatically emailed to the doctors after hours.

You are our priority

We treat true dental emergencies like what they are and will prioritize getting you in to see a doctor and get treatment. We realize that unfortunately these things happen and ask for your patience once you arrive as we fit you into our schedule.

We have three doctors that are here 5+ days a week and all of them are proficient in getting patients out of pain. Sometimes that means replacing a filling, placing a crown, removing the tooth, completing a root canal, or even a same day dental implant.

Expect the following

You will receive an exam and a digital x-ray of the affected area. If the tooth needs repair, and time allows, often it can be completed the same day. If the tooth needs extraction, in almost all cases we can do that same day. More complex emergencies are treated on a case by case basis.

The typical cost of a limited exam and x-ray is between $125-200 and an extraction is between $250-$350. Payment is required at the time of service. If you have PPO dental insurance, it is very likely that your insurance will pay a portion of this. If you do not have insurance and are unable to pay, we offer 3rd party credit based financing options. We do NOT offer any in office financing and we do NOT accept any Medicaid or HIP dental plans unless they explicitly say PPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What emergencies need immediate treatment?

Emergencies that we see as soon as possible: If you have: significant pain, facial swelling, an abscess, a portion of tooth that has broken off and is more than just a little sensitive, been hit in the mouth, cracked a tooth, a bridge broke, etc.

I broke a tooth, what do I do?

If the tooth is painful, aching, throbbing, extremely sensitive, sharp, or the nerve is exposed, call us immediately or schedule online for the first available appointment. If you’re unable to reach us, leave a voicemail and the transcription service will alert the doctor.

My teeth are dirty! What should I do?

Brush them! We can help, but this might not be a same day urgent emergency. If we can fit you in, we definitely will. Please contact the office via phone and we’ll get you in as soon as we can.

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Let's get out of pain

If after hours,

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