Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth? More than one? We can help! Whether it’s a single tooth that you lost last month or last decade, you have options on replacing missing teeth.

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Single Tooth Implants

A single implant is inserted into your jawbone, where it heals over a few months. Through osseointegration, your natural bone seamlessly fuses with the implant. Once the bonding is complete, a personalized crown is affixed to the implant, providing you with a brand-new tooth.

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Full-Arch Implants

If you're missing multiple teeth and seek a stable alternative to traditional dentures, consider full-arch implants. Through a series of dental implants, we offer a secure full arch restoration, eliminating the need for denture paste and ensuring stability without any movement.

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Implant-Retained Dentures

With only a few implants, we establish a stable foundation for your denture, ensuring secure chewing and confident smiles. Our implant-retained dentures offer both stability and convenience, as they are removable at home, allowing for easy maintenance of your oral hygiene routine.

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All-On-X Implants

With just four/six/eight implants, we craft a full-arch restoration that fits snugly and boasts a natural appearance. Say goodbye to messy adhesives.

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Guided Implant Placements

Employing digital x-ray technology and sophisticated imaging software, we ensure precise implant placement, even in delicate areas such as near sinus cavities, enhancing confidence and accuracy in the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do dental implants cost in Indiana?

Simple answer – it depends. Complex answer – it depends on a lot of factors. The best way to explain this is to give 5 scenarios that illustrate exactly how much implants cost. Below are actual real cases performed in our office and what the patient would pay today. Simple Single Tooth Replacement – Let’s say you’re missing a back molar. You got it pulled last year, you have excellent bone and gum health, nothing has moved or shifted, and you don’t need anything else. This patient came in for a cleaning & exam and was missing a tooth. The total fee of the implant placement, the abutment, and final tooth restoration, all inclusive, was $3,516.

Cracked Tooth Replacement.

This patient had a root canal performed years ago at another office that had failed and the molar cracked. We extracted the tooth, placed a dental implant, and bone graft material in the site and allowed it to heal for 3 months before a tooth was placed on it. The patient was charged for an extraction, a bone graft, implant placement, and the prosthetic tooth that goes on the implant. The total fee of the case was $4516, and a significant portion of this was eligible for coverage through the dental insurance the patient had.

Full Arch Teeth in a Day

This patient came to us with failing teeth that needed to be extracted and replaced. The patient paid a total of 25,500 for all teeth to be extracted, 6 dental implants placed, and a temporary bridge placed. A few months later the patient got his final ceramic implant teeth. As you can clearly see, cost varies based on complexity. Book a free consultation today to find out.

Why us?

Dr. Kamp & Dr. Schneiss spent quality time with patients understanding their problems and the big picture of their dental situation. Too many dentists take a single tooth view of dentistry, resulting in lots of patchwork and doing the same thing over and over without ever addressing the real problem or providing real solutions.
When you come to visit us, rest assured we’ll give you all your options for improving and maintaining your smile.
We have spent years putting together a phenomenal team to give you the best dental implant experience possible. Most of our patients visit the office, receive a comprehensive plan for treatment, get help with options to afford the care they want, and have the treatment performed comfortably in our office.

Dental Insurance

Do you take my dental insurance?
Dr. Kamp & Dr. Schneiss are passionate about treating their patients the best they can. At the MDC, we accept most PPO insurance plans.
We have many patients from around Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland, and southern Michigan that have insurance from local hospitals, steel mills, large and small companies, government plans, and many more.

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