Sedation Dentistry

We strive to make every visit relaxing and calming. To ensure your comfort during your appointment, we offer varying levels of sedation to help melt away your anxieties. At Merrillville Dentist., you can rest easy knowing that your experience will be a breeze, no matter your needs.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth almost always cause problems, whether it is now or in 20 years. Our Pain-Free extractions and sedation can help so that these pesky buggers never have the opportunity to cause problems for you in the future.

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Dental Implants

Smile again with confidence. Implants replace a missing tooth with a titanium post and a crown to restore your bite and prevent bone loss. They’re long-lasting, and look and function just like a natural tooth. In fact, they have the highest success rate and longest lifespan of all restorative treatment options, making them the ideal solution for missing teeth.

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Same-Day Crowns

Restore your smile in a single visit! With advanced technology and the latest techniques, we can create durable, beautiful dental crowns, without the wait.

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Your dental home

The story behind Merrillville Dental

At Merrillville Dental Center, family and trust are our cornerstones. We strive to cultivate a family-oriented atmosphere and demonstrate our dedication to our patients. How do we achieve this? By ensuring our patients feel secure and by steadfastly adhering to our commitment to provide only necessary treatments.

Your visit

Our team at Merrillville Dental Center upholds top accreditation and continually updates skills to stay at dentistry's forefront. Our family-oriented environment enhances the exceptional service and care we offer. With our dedicated staff, expect nothing but the best treatment. Benefit from extended evening and Saturday appointments of Dr. Kamp for your convenience.

Our success story

Our success journey is one of dedication and innovation, transforming smiles and lives through personalized care and advanced technology. With a commitment to excellence and a family-friendly approach, it has become a trusted leader in dental health, earning the loyalty of a thriving community

Total implant

Merrillville Dental Clinic celebrates a milestone of over 3k+ successful dental implant procedures, showcasing their expertise and commitment to restoring smiles with precision and care. With each implant representing a life changed for the better, the clinic continues to exemplify excellence in dental health, earning the trust and gratitude of their patients.

Root canal surgeries

Merrillville Dental Clinic celebrates a remarkable achievement with over 2k+ successful root canal surgeries. Through skillful expertise and advanced techniques, they have provided effective treatment and relief to countless patients, earning trust and recognition as leaders in comprehensive dental care

Happy Customers

Merrillville Dental Clinic proudly boasts a remarkable 99% patient satisfaction rate, with over 8K+ happy customers served. This exceptional achievement underscores their commitment to providing top-quality dental care, personalized attention, and a positive experience for everyone who walks through their doors. As a trusted destination for oral health and wellness, the clinic continues to exceed expectations and bring smiles to its satisfied clientele.

Our values

The core values that drive everything that we do

At our core, we uphold trust, responsibility, and commitment to deliver exceptional care and service to every individual we serve.

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Our Mission

Say goodbye to those goopy impressions. At our core, we aim to deliver an excellent experience for every member of your family. We strive to ensure that you and yours are taken care of from start to finish!

Our Vision

We see a world of smiling, confident people. Our vision is to create life-changing transformations, inspiring individuals with the power and possibilities that come from having an incredible smile!

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